Prenatal Brilliance

Pregnant or Trying to Conceive? 

​You know how important it is to get (and absorb) all of the essential nutrients to support you and your developing bump and baby. Pregnancy can be tough on your body and we are here to make sure that you get all the nutrients that you need to support you and your little one. 

Our natural prenatal vitamin is a blend of the purest, most bioavailable nutrients for pregnancy and fetal development. We’re pregnancy experts (Kristin is a certified-nurse midwife, and certified obstetrical nurse and Inna is a certified clinical nutritionist) who are also moms. We spent years researching to find the most effective forms of each vitamin needed for a healthy pregnancy. We combine 25 active vitamins and minerals plus whole foods in amounts that are just right for you and your baby. 

Prenatal Brilliance uses only the highest quality methylated B vitamins with folate coming from quatrefolic, a highly researched and patented form of natural folate with superior absorption. Unlike many other brands, we do not use any synthetic folic acid so our prenatal supplement is great for everyone, including those with the MTHFR mutation where synthetic folic acid is even more contraindicated. 

All of our minerals are in the chelated form which makes it easy to absorb and utilize for both you and your developing baby. No more prenatal vitamins adding to the nausea you’re already experiencing with natural morning sickness!

Our vitamins are easily digested and absorbed and gentle on your stomach. We have a very strict, no-compromise approach to quality raw material selection. We never cut corners with substandard ingredients so you can be assured that you and you baby are getting the purest, most potent nutrients.

Contains 120 caps

Dose: 4 caps per day (these can be taken all at once or split up through the day).