Our Story

They say necessity is the mother of invention.

Well then, mothers’ necessity was the mother of Vibrant Beginning. 

Like you, we were newly pregnant and on the hunt for the very best in prenatal vitamins and postnatal supplements. We refused to compromise on quality and wanted the most potent and pure vitamins to help us have the healthiest pregnancy and optimize our baby’s development.  We assumed that this was what every woman wants and so there would be a whole lot of options that would meet our standards. 

We were wrong. There weren’t. Not one truly natural, safe, and bio-optimized prenatal and postnatal vitamin met our standards. So, we created them.

Why are our standards so high?

Because our careers revolve around nutrition, healthy pregnancies and births. 

We are Kristin Mallon, CNM, MS, RNC-OB  a certified-nurse midwife/certified obstetrical nurse and Inna Topiler MS, CNS, a certified clinical nutritionist and root-cause practitioner. We focus on a healthy conception, pregnancy, and postnatal experience from the start. We know firsthand the power that a healthy diet and targeted nutrients can have on our patients’ health. We’ve witnessed how critical getting the right supplements are to both mom and baby. 

Founders Inna and Kristen

It took years of research to create our supplement formula using only the best, most bioavailable, whole ingredients from the best regions. What’s the point of taking supplements if your body can’t absorb them right? We combine 25 active vitamins and minerals plus whole foods in amounts that are just right for you and your baby. 

We follow the strictest guidelines of high-quality, raw ingredients and assure that what’s on the label is exactly what’s in the product. (You would be shocked at how many companies don’t measure up in testing to what they claim is in their bottles). 

As professionals and experts in our fields of nutrition and obstetrics, we closely monitor our patients and use supplements therapeutically. Now, this level of care is available to you through Vibrant Beginning. 

Pregnant Inna

These supplements (we call them pregnaceuticals) are the same ones that we use daily with our patients in our practices. They are carefully curated from years of experience and testing and we know they deliver consistent results.

We stay current on the latest research and information and continuously integrate these findings into the protocols and product line.

You can feel confident you’re getting the highest quality products with unsurpassed purity and most of all, with proven effectiveness.