Why DHA is the Most IMPORTANT Prenatal Vitamin you Need

Why DHA is the Most IMPORTANT Prenatal Vitamin you Need

Most pregnant women and those trying to conceive already know the importance of folate (folic acid), for a healthy pregnancy. However while folate is very important, there are many other nutrients that are imperative for a healthy pregnancy and the best outcomes for baby. One of the compounds that is not nearly given the attention that it needs is DHA. While some doctors are recommending it, they often do not explain its significance and benefits so many pregnancy women do not understand its true importance and do not use it for their entire pregnancy as they should.

DHA is in essential fatty acid called Omega 3. DHA is essential for the developing brain and nervous system as well as eye development. There are countless studies showing the benefits of DHA in pregnancy and lactation and the valuable effects it has on the growing baby.
DHA is a structural molecule in all cell membranes and so makes the membranes more fluid. The more fluid the membranes the better cells can communicate with each other.  It is also a component of members of the nerve cells and the cells of the eyes and is critical to vision. It is also a component of the membranes of the  mitochondria - a battery like structure found in every single cell of the body. It supports the energy production of the cells and is specifically helpful to heart and brain cells.

Furthermore, omega-3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory so it also helps the pregnant mom reduce inflammation, help skin. hair and support mood and cognitive function. 

Benefits of DHA for pregnancy and postpartum:

  • DHA promotes optimal brain development and function, vision and psychomotor development. 
  • DHA helps to reduce risk of premature delivery.
  • DHA helps to reduce postpartum depression related to DHA depletion.
  • DHA helps support the significant brain growth occurring prior to 5 years of
  • age, as well as optimal brain function, learning, attention, mood, and control of hyperactivity.
  • DHA may alleviate specific autistic behaviors in regards to social interactions when supplemented along with AA. 

We recommend starting DHA as soon as you find out you are pregnant and continue postpartum. While pregnant, the DHA helps to reduce inflammation and support optimal brain and eye development for your baby. After you deliver your baby, the DHA helps to support and stabilize your mood, help with "mommy brain" and reduce inflammation. If you are nursing, an added benefit is that the DHA will pass through the breast milk giving your infant this very needed fatty acid to support the rapid development during that first year. 

Now that you know all the amazing benefits of DHA, please be sure to start as early as possible in your pregnancy. You can even take it while trying to conceive. 
While there are many DHA supplements on the market, not all DHA is created equal and many fall way short with either quality, purity or adequate dosage. Most DHA supplements are in a synthetic form called Ethyl Ester. Fish is not found in this form and its benefits and bioavailability is sub-par. 

Furthermore, since our oceans are polluted, DHA needs to be sourced from the cleanest regions and properly filleted without using harsh chemicals or heat as those can damage this fragile oil.

Here at Vibrant Beginning, we pride ourselves on the highest standards for quality, purity and bio availability and only provide the very best. 

Our DHA comes in the highest concentration (90%-100%) of triglyceride form of Omega oil for optimal absorption and stability and does NOT contain any Synthetic EE's (Ether Esthers) It is sustainably made using only small wild caught fish and then distilled and filtered to ensure superior quality and removal of mercuury, toxins, contaminants and PCB's and third party tested and meets the highest standards for quality, purity and safety.

Each easy to swallow gel cap provides 500 mg of DHA/110 mg of EPA  in ONLY 1 easy to swallow gelcap. Its extremely gentle on your stomach and is absolutely burp free, no fishy burps here!