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Creating Optimal Health For Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, New Moms & Newborns ❤️

Only the best for mom and baby!

Vibrant Beginning vitamins was created by RN, Kristin Mallon CNM, MS, specializing in OB-GYN and Clinical Nutritionist Inna Topiler-Mooney, MS, CNS who together have over 40 years of experience providing exceptional care for pre and postnatal mothers.

Kristin specializes in natural childbirth at Integrative Obstetrics and has helped deliver over 4,000 babies.

Inna is the owner of Complete Nutrition and Wellness and has featured in publications such as Elle Magazine, Daily News, Fitness Magazine, New Jersey Life Magazine and the New York Times and is often referred by various medical doctors who seek her help. She also hosts a weekly podcast called "Health Mysteries Solved".

What makes Vibrant Beginning vitamins unique is our strict, no-compromises approach to quality raw material selection. We never cut corners with substandard ingredients so you can be assured that you and you baby are getting the purest, most potent nutrients. We've replaced synthetic fillers, parabens, phthalates, dyes and additives  with the highest quality ingredients.

Our multivitamins are all-natural, non-GMO, lactose-free and made in the USA!

Prenatal Brilliance

This top-rated prenatal vitamin is a vegetarian blend of the purest, most bioavailable nutrients for pregnancy and fetal development. We combine 25 active vitamins and minerals plus whole foods in amounts that are just right for you and your baby. Prenatal Brilliance uses only the highest quality methylated B vitamins with natural folate coming from quatrefolic (not synthetic folic acid) with superior absorption. Our vitamins are pure and potent without any of junk found in many other brands and they don’t contribute to the heartburn, nausea, or constipation that are so common with other prenatal vitamins.

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Postnatal Brilliance + DHA

This top-rated postnatal vitamin is a result of 10 years of research on the highest quality ingredients to formulate the most comprehensive, natural Postnatal supplement available. Our Postnatal Brilliance provides a full spectrum of activated methylated B vitamins to support maximum energy, reduce stress, and meet the needs of a new mom. It contains high-quality ingredients with superior bioavailability and solubility and enhances breast milk with essential nutrients if you are nursing. 

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Brilliant DHA

This popular DHA is pure Triglyceride Omega-3 derived from small, mercury-free, wild-caught fish. Unlike other fish oil supplements, ours does not cause heartburn, constipation, or those yucky fishy burps. DHA is crucial to fetal development, especially the brain, and can greatly improve maternal health too. You should start taking DHA while trying to conceive and certainly after you learn you’re pregnant and continue postpartum, especially if you are breastfeeding. DHA is so beneficial, it’s recommended for the whole family!

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Don’t settle for substandard supplements. Get all of the benefits of prenatal vitamins without the prenatal vitamin side effects. Choose Vibrant Beginning - the highest quality, truly pure and effective prenatal and postnatal vitamins crafted by true professional pregnancy experts (who are also moms). You and your baby deserve it.

Reviews from our happy customers

Don't just take our word for it...

Kara Chabot

Helps reduce morning sickness

I usually have a hard time taking prenatals because I’m already nauseous and they make me gag. But these actually helped reduce my morning sickness and were super easy on my stomach. I switched from a well known prenatal brand to these at around 7 weeks and within a day I felt more energy and less nausea. I’m not saying these are a miracle worker but I noticed a definite improvement. Plus, I love knowing that I’m getting the right amount of all the important vitamins and minerals I need and that they’re in the best form for my body to absorb. Highly recommend these!

Liza Pviana

Great, clean product

I'm 40 and take these vitamins for overall better health - inside and out. It gives me great comfort to know these vitamins are made from pure ingredient and have no preservatives, additives, dyes, allergens, or toxins, and that they were created by moms and professionals who legitimately understand real prenatal needs. These vitamins give me the daily intake I need of all the good stuff I need. I highly recommend them!

S Heffernan

So gentle and so complete, what a great value

I am so excited about this prenatal. So many others have made me sick but this one has not at all! I have no nausea at all from it, it doesn't feel like it sits in my stomach, it does not give me heartburn or make me burp anything up. I actually really like that it's a few pills per day so I can break them up throughout the day. Amazed at how much is in this, it's a lot more than what's in the prescription my doctor gave me. I showed it to my doctor and he was impressed and approved it as well. I'm going to try the DHA by this brand is well and will post an update.



My energy level has definitely improved and I love how everything conveniently comes in one packet so I dont have to open multiple bottles.

Talia Kornfeld

So happy I found these!

These are awesome! I usually think fish oil is pretty unpleasant to take, but these are actually surprisingly easy to swallow and don't "repeat." Love that you only need to take 1!


What a difference!

Was taking a prenatal that was three pills a day so when I saw this at first I was a little hesitant that it was one extra pill a day. But when I compared the labels I realized that for this one extra pill I'm actually getting more than twice the amount of everything than in my other one that was three a day. Plus since I take them all together with my breakfast it really doesn't make a difference if I'm swallowing three or four pills really no extra work for me. But the interesting thing is that I felt such a difference when switching to this one. I noticed that I didn't need to lay down in the afternoon and I was getting better sleep at night. I also did not experience any stomach issues or burps at all.


Definitely recommend

Notable difference in my energy level and helped to curb my raging sweet tooth.


Worth every penny

These vitamins are a lot more complete than any others I saw when searching at the health food store and online. I love how they contain more B12 and more minerals than most brands. I have been researching different ingredients and the importance or natural ones instead of synthetic so I was very happy to find these as they hit on all the points I came across in my research. They are a few dollars more than some other brands but they have almost twice the amount of nutrients than those brands so certainly worth the price and more for everything that you get. Also a big plus that its made by physicians and doctor approved.

Patrick Lerouge

Highly recommend

I ordered this for my wife, we just had a baby and she has been feeling very tired. I wanted her to have good vitamins to help through this transition. Her energy improved within a week of starting these vitamins and she is feeling better overall. It's also very easy to take since it's all in one pack so she only has to remember to take it once a day. I really like that this includes fish oil so that it can benefit our baby through nursing.


Highly Recommend!

So many of the recommended fish oil supplements made me sick and were full of unrecognizable ingredients. As someone who is mindful of what I put into my body under ordinary circumstances, I wanted to be extra cautious with what I consume while pregnant!
I’m so glad I did a little extra homework to find a supplement that was gentle on my stomach and made me feel that I was getting the highest quality ingredients to baby!

Munire L

I love how the vitamins come sorted and pre-packaged...

I love how the vitamins come sorted and pre - packaged just as much as I love the fact that finally, there is a post natal multivitamin available for moms. The DHA component won me over, moreover, the burp - free aspect. As a mom who is currently, nursing I feel that these vitamins are not only aiding in breastfeeding but essentially fueling my overall health postpartum.


Best DHA product i've tried!

I recently bought this item and I must say it truly exceeded my expectations. The pill was very easy to swallow and on top of that it had absolutely no fishy odor of any kind even though it has fish oil. Unlike other brands I've tried, I had no isuuse with it repeating on me. It's great to get a whole dose from just 1 pill, I will definitely recommend this product!

Elizabeth Swick

Supreme quality, easy to swallow

This is by far one of the best DHA's I have seen and tested. When I opened the container, it was fresh and the capsules were easy to swallow. I am so relieved to have found a product that takes into account both quality, purity and efficacy.

R Vetro

A great product!

I'm so happy with these DHA vitamins! It's really nice to get the full dosage in only one pill rather than have to take multiple pills for the day. They are easy to swallow and don't leave a bad taste in my mouth. I'd definitely recommend these during pregnancy!



Amazing supplement
This is my second purchase from this company and they are heads and shoulders above in the quality of their products


Amazing for recovery

Love these vitamins! Feel like my recovery time has been cut in half! Wish I had them with my previous two babies.


Finally found the perfect prenatal vitamin!

Love these - I have struggled finding a pre-natal vitamin that is easy to digest, swallow, and one that you do not have to take 8x per day. These have made me feel more energized (if possible while pregnant) and have also not contributed to any nausea. I have MTHFR and these are a great fit. Most vitamins on the market have folic acid and with MTHFR I finally found a good prenatal made from whole foods and with folate NOT folic acid. I will definitely continue to use these for the duration of my pregnancy and while breast feeding. Highly recommend!!


Clean and well researched

Love this DHA!! no repeat of fish taste, thank goodness! And so nice & easy to get what I need in just 1 soft gel.
Being a health coach I am very careful to what supplements I choose, I have read many papers on fish oils and these meet all my strict requirements. The TG (triglyceride form) VB is sourcing is the best!! TG is the same form you would get if eating a piece of Salmon. I will definitely be rec this to all my clients!

Amazon customer

Perfect prenatal

This vitamin goes down very easily. I've done a lot of research on the optimum ingredients in vitamins, and it has been hard to find a vitamin that had the right forms of methyl folate vs folic acid, vitamin A as Beta Carotene, k2 and methylated b12 with enough calcium and magnesium, but this one hits the mark! (Of course you need a diet with a combo of whole foods as well as vitamin supplements). I especially like the fact that this brand specializes in prenatal vitamins instead of vitamins and supplements in general. You're picking the correct brand with this vitamin- I've done the research for you already :)


Finally! A top-quality prenatal vitamin without IRON! I have an iron overload disorder where taking any iron is life-threatening. I found this by chance and was pleasantly impressed with the quality of ingredients. Easy to take. I feel great taking them. Will be buying them again. Thanks!


Most digestible and gentle formula

I’ve tried a LOT of prenatal supplements and vitamins and this brand by far is the most digestible and gentle formula I’ve every used! It’s not smelly or hard to swallow. Huge recommend.


Great quality prenatals

I love how this prenatal blend is carefully selected with the best quality ingredients, vitamins and minerals. I've taken a number of other prenatals many of which are cheaper but either contain too many ingredients or not the right amount of the important ones. I feel a lot more energized after taking these for a couple weeks.

Who Are We?

We are Kristin Mallon, CNM, MS, RNC-OB  a certified-nurse midwife/certified obstetrical nurse and Inna Topiler MS, CNS, a certified clinical nutritionist and root-cause practitioner. We focus on a healthy conception, pregnancy, and postnatal experience from the start.

After 16 years of working closely with pregnant women and newborns, we saw a deep need for all-natural, high-quality, highly bioavailable pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding supplements that provide all of the necessary vitamins and minerals for the health of a mother and her growing baby. For supplements that are pure and potent without the typical side effects like heartburn, constipation, and nausea. 

After years of searching, there was nothing that met our high standards of care and nutrition, so we created Vibrant Beginning. 

Our Story

How and why we started Vibrant Beginning



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